SHOW: In a Different Light

At the Harris Theater, opening 27 April and running through July.

about us

Ag Works is a Pittsburgh artist collective which provides artists working within the photographic medium an environment in which to share work with other artists and gain constructive critical feedback.

Ag Works is primarily concerned with the photographic medium as a means of expression. Any artist whose work makes use of the photographic medium, whether solely or inclusively, is welcome.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

recent work

guard rail with stickers
Ellen Bjerklie Hanna
alien dogfight
Ellen Bjerklie Hanna
painted nude model
Ohad Cadji
Vince Carr
path in forest
Carl Feola
steam rising over the city
Alex Gelatt
street at night
Jon Jackson
mannequin with reflections
Mandy Kendall
car detail
Luke ling
Tony Roscoe

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